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I apologize for didn’t posting anything here. Because Gosick have ended, I will be rarely on this blog. Well, I still do posting other animes in my personal blog. I pretty much do follow back in my personal blog, so feel free to check out my personal, because I’m more active in my personal blog now :)

3 years ago on 22 August 2011
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Gosick episode 21

Seeing the opening all:


Watching the episode like: te 2 1

Knowing the truth behind the Coco Rose case: te 6

And when Kujo and Victorique back to Academy and holding hands: te 3


3 years ago on 11 June 2011

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Hello everyone. Because of upcoming exams I have, I will not be able to update this blog for about a week. I really am sorry for this, and I am looking forward to see you very soon after these exams. Goodluck for everyone whom also have some exams.

3 years ago on 5 June 2011

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